The Happiest Place on Earth!


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I captured these beautiful photos at the happiest place on earth yesterday! 🎡

Interesting fact about Disneyland, it roughly serves 16 million people a year! 🙀 But I must admit it is definitely a magical place and worth the visit! 🤗 I’ve been an annual pass holder since January and it feels great to just be able to go anytime I like! 🙌🏽 If you haven’t already and love Disneyland, invest in an annual pass! You can make monthly payments and if you’re child is under three they enter for free! 😄 Oh and the pass is great for entry to both parks! 🎠🏰

Learning time fun!


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Today’s learning time materials. 📚 Everyday I try to do an hour of learning time with my son. Because his attention span is so short due to his age I try to implement things he enjoys doing to keep him focused. 🤗 Flash cards are effective memory-aid tools that can help children learn new material quickly. Each day we rehearse the same flash card until he has it embedded in his memory. We read this colors book so he can learn his colors and how to identify objects used in the book as well. 📝 We end our class session in song and dance, young children grow and learn through song and dance and it’s lots of fun! 🎼 Try doing anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour with your little each day and you’ll be amazed at how fast they learn! 🤗✨

Education starts at home. 


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Learning is essential and fundamental! I use these four posters to help my son learn the basics of what he will be taught once he starts school. Education starts at home, the teacher can teach your child but the time you spend at home with them will help them retain what they’re being taught at school. You can purchase these posters at Lakeshore. All you need is 30-45 minutes a day of learning time with your child. Educational television shows will help also! 😊✨📚 #learningisfun #toddler #momtobe #momlife #mommytips #mommyblogger #inspiration #encouragement #wisdom #education #books #fun #pbs #kidsclub 

Avocado Benefits. 


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Here’s two great tips on how to pick the perfect avocado 🥑 Key factors of why you should eat avocados: help increase milk supply for breastfeeding, they help stabilize your blood sugar, aids in weight loss, good fat loaded with nutrients and vitamins, great for your skin & hair, helps you feel full longer, cuts the risk of birth defects and a great snack to have! 🤗✨ 

Aloe Vera Gel. 


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Aloe Vera is a healing plant filled with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants sand amino acids. It’s great for your skin, producing tightness and radiance. I use the aloe Vera gel pictured to help get rid of scars and dark spots also known as blemishes. You can find it at Target, Walmart or any drug or vitamin store. Take care of your natural beauty! 🤗✨🌱

Goodbye bottle, hello sippy cup! 


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Transitioning from the bottle to a sippy cup can be a lot more challenging than you expect! Babies tend to get used to the soothing and sucking sensation with the bottle and don’t want to let it go. Around 6-9 months your baby may be ready to start using a sippy cup. 

Researchers from the American Academy of Pediatrics show around 12 months your baby should no longer be using the bottle. Getting rid of the bottle helps prevent tooth decay. The sugar from the milk being served in the bottle can cause unwanted tooth decay. So instead of giving your baby a bottle at night start putting their milk in a sippy cup. Also try adding other liquids such as water or natural juices low in sugar to your baby’s sippy cup. The more you practice giving them the sippy cup the easier it will become! 🤗 ✨👣